6 Things You Should Know Before Going Whale Watching

Photo Credit: bluedolphintours.com.au

The Best Time To Go


The best time to visit depends on what part of the world you want to go whale watching in, but in Hervey Bay, the best time to go is between June and November; as the whales tend to pause in the calm waters of Hervey Bay on their way back to Antarctica to mate.

The Best Location


In Australia (and potentially the world) the best location to whale watch is by far Hervey Bay as the geographical and physical conditions make for a great whale watching experience. It’s one of the only places where the whales come to rest before they embark on their long journey; so you can get a proper glimpse of the beautiful creatures, as opposed to just a surface viewing of their tail or dorsal fin. Additionally, humpback whales are very inquisitive creatures, so they enjoy putting on a show for spectators and are intrigued by the boats stopping by.

Photo Credit: bluedolphintours.com.au

Look Out For Dolphins!


Dolphins can also be spotted when whale watching in Hervey Bay, so watch out for these beautiful creatures as well. Not locals to the area (as they prefer the cooler waters), every now and then they pop in around Bay for a quick visit.

Morning Tours Are Recommended If You’re Seasick Prone

Winds tend to pick up in the afternoon, so if you are prone to seasickness or are worried that you may experience seasickness on your first time on a boat, the first tour of the day is your best bet. If you haven’t been on a boat before, it’s best to pack some seasick medication, just in case. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so to avoid feeling queasy on the boat, try and avoid caffeine or a big meal before your tour.

What Camera To Bring?


You don’t need a fancy camera or long telephoto lens when getting shots of whales (although if you have these cameras and are a keen photographer, these are definitely ideal). Smartphones can take epic shots of whales (and pretty much anything). Whales do everything quickly, so if your camera uses a memory card, get one with fast processing speed. Additionally you should turn your flash off, this just slows down your shutter speed even more. Also, remember to protect the camera with a waterproof case, or even bring along a GoPro or waterproof camera.

Enjoy Yourself!


Whale watching is truly a breathtaking once in a lifetime experience so savor every minute of it and have an awesome time.


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