Why Hervey Bay is the best destination to Whale Watch

Hervey Bay is enjoyed by many all year round. With endless summers and no shortage of adventure; Hervey Bay can also be best enjoyed in the cooler months, for one big reason, to see the Humpback Whales (told you it was a big reason). Hervey Bay is well recognised as one of the best destinations in the world to watch whales and is often referred to as the “Whale Watch Capital of the World”.


There are many reasons why Hervey Bay is such a prime location to Whale Watch:

The Location & Surroundings


Firstly the geographical and physical conditions make Hervey Bay the perfect place for Whales and humans to interact. In all other whale watching locations in Australia the whales are on a journey heading north, to give birth and mate, or south, to get home and feed their young. They do not stop to pause or rest in any other destinations on the east coast and therefore the whale watching on east locations is often only a very brief viewing, usually of surface humps and dorsal fins. Whereas in Hervey Bay the whales can be seen in their full glory, as the whales tend to pause within the shallow and calm waters of Hervey Bay on their way back to Antartica.  


Also, the south-easterly to north-easterly winds in the area mean that the whale watching grounds from Platypus Bay to Hervey Bay have calm waters so visitors can experience these amazing humpback whales close up.

Humpback Whales Put On A Show


Whales are very inquisitive creatures, particularly newborns who are fascinated by boats and humans, so there’s just as much human watching as there is whale watching. Hervey Bay is essentially the humpback whales ‘playground’, the whales regularly put on great shows for visitors, often lunging, tail slapping and spy hopping, which for other destinations along the coast is a special treat. The combination of young playful whales trying out their new aerial skills and the huge males attempting to impress and acquire female mating partners means that whale watching in Hervey Bay is jam packed with action.

The Whale Watching Vessels Offer:


Since whale watching is one of Hervey Bay’s main tourist attraction, the tours are well organised with well built whale watching vessels, perfect for getting a close up view of one of nature’s majestic mammals. The whale watching vessels make their way out into the Bay until they reach the whales  and turn off their engines. These vessels are specifically designed for viewing the whales closely. Another great feature of the vessels is whale karaoke! Song request Whalecome to the Jungle by Guns n Roses. The boats all have hydrophones that they can lower into the water and listen to the males whales sing (only the males sing, it is suspected that this is a mating ritual) which is a once and a lifetime experience.


If you’re interested in whale watching you should look no further than Hervey Bay. It is the best place to see the whales up close, for a long period of time and you get to visit the beautiful town of Hervey Bay while you’re at it.


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