A Guide To Fishing In Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay has some of the best fishing in Australia, largely as a result of its geographical location, providing a home for both cool and warm water species. It’s close proximity to Fraser Island is another definite plus, as well as it’s crystal bays and calm waters. I could write a short novel on the fabulous beaches, lakes and fishing spots in Hervey Bay and surrounding islands, but I’ll just stick to a short (hopefully intriguing) blog instead.

Hervey Bay offers a variety of fishing experiences from fly fishing to fishing off the pier and fishing charters to name a few. The Hervey Bay waters create the perfect breeding ground for a number of species. You can find longtail tuna, Spanish mackerel, coral trout, estuary cod, threadfin salmon and much more, anytime you make a drop over one of the region’s bountiful bommies.

So where are the best spots to fish?

The Urangan Pier


The Hervey Bay boat harbour at Urangan has two excellent ramps, each with four lanes and ample parking. The pier provides a great spot for keen fisherman without access to a boat, as it stretches 800m across the coast of Hervey Bay. This means that land based fisherman can get their fishing hooks hooked with heaps of different species that linger at the end of the jetty. The local marinas in Hervey Bay also offer great rock fishing spots.

Fraser Island


Hervey Bay is the gateway to Fraser Island, the world’s largest sand island, which is a pristine location to fish, swim, camp and 4WD. Fraser Island has some absolute ripper fly fishing spots, where you can catch fish such as the golden trevally, queenfish, whiting, bream, tailor and flathead. In recent years there has been a surge in the catching of baby black marlin in the shallows. Fraser Island is one of the only spots worldwide where you can have a crack at catching these hard-fighting game fish. Fraser Island is one of the most picturesque and hidden places in Australia and it boasts great fishing spots, so hook in!


Fraser Island has so many fishing spots to choose from, but here are the spots we reckon are the best:


  • Sandy Cape
  • Waddy Point
  • Indian Head
  • Middle Rocks

Great Sandy Straits


The Great Sandy Straits is a ecological paradise, perfectly placed between Fraser Island and the mainland. It is an epic boating playground, mixing coastal wetlands with white beaches and glorious rainforests. The sheltered bays, sand flats and mangrove lined-creeks will have you frothing like a cold one in anticipation for your next trip to this magnificent spot. Boats from tinnies to luxurious yachts can be hired and you will likely run into some of the locals – manta rays, dolphins and turtles, that is.

What Gear Should I Bring?


The gear you need will depend on which destinations you choose to go to. For example if you just want to visit the Hervey Bay’s Pier then you won’t need as many items. The following list covers everything you would need to hit all three destinations:


  • You must bring a surfing rod if you plan to 4WD on Fraser island, as tailor fish don’t give in easily so you need a rod that can handled nibbles, bites and hard pulls.
  • Gang hooks’
  • Fishing line
  • 1 x #7 ball sinker
  • 1 x snap trace
  • Fishing knife
  • Pliers
  • Scissors (to cut the line).
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • An ice cold beer (or a case of ice cold beer)
  • Sandwich bags (for your phone or camera to be protected from water, unless you have a waterproof case)
  • If you plan to camp make sure to bring a frying pan and a portable stove to cook up those delicious fish
  • If you are camping you will also need to stock up on some food and beverages as there is minimal shops on these remote Islands

For more information on what to bring if you decide to Camp on Fraser Island check out this awesome guide

Should you go on a guided tour?


Fishing in Hervey Bay is deeply ingrained in the culture, so there are plenty of locals who offer ripper tours, where they can take you to local hidden gems and teach you a few tricks and tips. It’s really up to you whether or not you feel you’ve researched enough to find the best spots without a tour guide, and whether you’d prefer to fly (fish) solo. Here are some of the recommended tours in case you do want to be taken out on the waters by the experts:

Private Fishing Charter With Captain Squinty


We provide a fishing package inclusive of accommodation with Captain Squinty who is a legend bloke and fisherman. The package includes the following:


  • Airport transfer to and from Aqua Aqua
  • 2 nights accomodation at Aqua Aqua
  • Continental breakfast provided for both days of your stay
  • Fishing charter around Hervey Bay and Fraser Island led by an experienced guide
  • Chef to cook the fish with sides, beer and wine.


For more information visit our packages page on the website.

Tasman Ventures Tour


Tasman are a well respected tour group in Hervey Bay. Their tours sport proper fishing gear for you, so you don’t have to worry about the previous list (that took me a while to compile, but all good). They also have quality equipment and boats that will enhance your fishing experience,some vessels are even air conditioned, woohoo!


For more information on Tasman Ventures Tour, check out their website.

Are you interested in experiencing all that Hervey Bay has to offer and reeling in some beauties in the process? Contact us today and we can organise a charter and accomodation for you, it’s just that easy!

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